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Diagnostic imaging constitutes the majority of the information contained in clinical records; the high technological evolution of the field is enormously increasing the amount and heterogeneity of this information, with a relative increase in diagnostic accuracy.
It has therefore become necessary to define and develop innovative systems to safely manage the complexity of this data.

Bio Check Up activities intercept industry 4.0 and are aimed at exploiting and enhancing enabling technologies such as cloud, big-data management and cybersecurity.

Main Topics

Imaging Biobank
Biomedical imaging plays a key role in health research. The BCU Imaging Biobank (BCU-IB) platform facilitates the analysis of medical imaging data and the generation of imaging biomarkers for research. The platform facilitates pipelined execution of image analysis even on large data sets. It provides the user with an XNAT medical image repository, a flexible platform for running analysis pipelines, and a viewer for inspecting intermediate and final results.
Radiomics and Radiogenomics
Images annotation and processing
Images and data de-identification
Artificial Intelligence
Data Curation and Standardization

Our research activities are oriented to:

  • Development of radiomic and radiogenomic methodologies
  • Optimization in the reconstruction and processing of multicenter and multimodal data
  • Optimization of quality control procedures for diagnostic procedures
  • Development of platforms for integrating and analyzing multimodal images
  • Development of an imaging biobank
  • Verification of the reproducibility of the applied analysis algorithms
  • Definition of procedures for structured reporting

An ideal operational environment

We offer the skills and an ideal operational environment for the development and technology transfer of biomedical software oriented to the management of imaging procedure, with a view to vertical integration, with a shared management of information in a cloud environment, in accordance with current regulations of sensitive data management.


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