Our services in teleradiology:

E-health record

Cloud storage and consultation service of diagnostic images h24 7/7. The digital alternative to the delivery of physical media (DVD) for diagnostic centers. Unlimited access to your patient diagnostic tests.

Quality Control

Certification activities to guarantee quality in reporting and high-complexity diagnostic services for healthcare facilities.


Consultancy activities, offered to radiologists and nuclear physicians on highly complex services provided by Diagnostic Imaging departments.


Remote management and reporting of diagnostic procedures by radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians located in a different place form the execution.

Second opinion

High-level consultancy in the field of diagnostic imaging. We have specialist teams able to provide excellent support to patients or specialists who require a second opinion

Bio Check Up has a team of professionals, nuclear medicine physicians and highly qualified organ and / or pathology radiologists. The level of competence, experience and the synergy work of our team makes Bio Check Up a trusted partner who is able to guarantee high standards of quality and accuracy. We have the capabilities to manage large volumes of data and images files, in a short period of time. We can provide a 24/24h service all around the year


Bio Check Up guarantees teleradiology services for the following procedures:





  • MRI (skull, body, articular)
  • CT scan (skull, body, joint)
  • Coronaro TC
  • Neuroradiology
  • Digital Radiology
  • Mammography
  • PET
  • Nuclear Medicine scans



We ensure:


  • Quality control on all reports
  • Equity of access to high specialization
  • Multidisciplinary comparison for the definition of a complex diagnosis
  • Timeliness in reporting for emergency-services