The present technological development project has as its objective the strengthening of an innovative Infrastructure to support Biobanking for Research in Integrated Diagnostics (IBRID), the demonstration of the technology and services offered in an industrially relevant environment and finally the demonstration of the prototype in an operating. Image biobanks are a new type of biobank dedicated to the collection of diagnostic images obtained with tomographic imaging technologies available in clinical practice, today essential for the study and identification of new non-invasive biomarkers called image biomarkers. In this context, IBRID will allow the provision of advanced services to support biobanking to facilitate and improve the reliability and use of data stored in the biobank through the strengthening and implementation of an infrastructure dedicated to the collection and curation of relevant imaging data for clinical and epidemiological purposes, developing and using enabling technologies for big data analytics.


  • Cataloging and organized storage of data
  • Identify procedures for correct data control
  • Development of procedures for the curation and management of research data in order to make them available for reuse and/or conservation.
  • Development of innovative artificial intelligence technologies and algorithms capable of analyzing data that characterize the patient's pathological status
  • Development of technologies for the use of data in full respect of privacy
  • Demonstration of the applicability of the infrastructure to the agri-food context.


The partnership involved in IBRID aggregates multidisciplinary knowledge and skills, capable of satisfying all the needs of the project. The proponents all have a high propensity for innovation and consolidated experience of participation in industrial research and experimental development projects at a national and international level.

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Work Package

  • WP1 Project Management and coordination
  • WP2 Enhancement of the IBRID Infrastructure
  • WP3 Demonstration of IBRID Infrastructure technology and services in an industrially relevant biomedical environment
  • WP4 Demonstration of the IBRID Infrastructure prototype in an agri-food operational context
  • WP5 Dissemination and outreach


  • D1.1 Project website
  • D1.2 IBRID Services Documentation
  • D1.3 Ethical-regulatory documentation
  • D2.1 IBRID Infrastructure Requirements
  • D2.2 IBRID Infrastructure Prototype
  • D3.1 Biobank catalogue
  • D3.2 IBRID Validation Report
  • D4.1IBRID Validation Report and Specification Documentation
  • D4.2 Prototype of agri-food and veterinary biobank infrastructure
  • D5.1 IBRID services promotional materials
  • D5.2 Stakeholders' Survey
  • D5.3 Scientific Publications