Biobanking and BioMolecular Resources Research Infrastructure (BBMRI-ERIC)

BBMRI-ERIC is an European research infrastructure for biobanking. It brings together all the major stakeholders in the field of biobanks with the aim of opening up new possibilities for treatment and cure. Bio Check Up is part of the BBMRI-ERIC network both as a partner of the ATMA Expert Center and because it has registered the Bio Check Up image biobank (BCU-IB) in the Italian and European directory of BBMRI.

ATMA, an Expert Center for Accelerated Clinical Research with a focus on marker verification and validation

ATMA, Expert Center of BBMRI-ERIC, is a non-profit organization specializing in the analysis of large quantities of clinical and biological samples. ATMA-EC also includes biobank infrastructures capable of collecting and associating biological data and imaging diagnostic procedures. It is a public-private partnership model, with an hub in Aviano (Italy).

European Institute of Innovation and Technology for Health (EIT Health)

EIT Health is a knowledge and innovation community operating in the healthcare sector under the sphere of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Its mission is to transfer research outcomes into innovative solutions capable of supporting physicians and the healthcare system to provide better diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Bio Check Up is part of EIT Health innoStar, one of the seven geographical areas of EIT Health, which covers a large part of Europe and includes Hungary Italy, Poland and Portugal.

European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR)

EIBIR is dedicated to the coordination of research projects and aims to support the development of biomedical imaging technologies and the dissemination of knowledge. EIBIR's mission is to coordinate the development of biomedical imaging technologies in Europe and to support the dissemination of knowledge with the ultimate goal of improving the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.

Cybersecurity Competence Center (CYBER 4.0)

Cyber 4.0 is a non-partisan, apolitical and non-profit association and aims to develop, coordinate, implement a program of activities concerning IT security. There are three specific thematic areas, such as e-health, automotive and space. The main goals are the realization of new products, processes or services and the development of innovative technologies, processes or integrated services in the Industry 4.0.

Consortium Meditech – Mediterranean Competence Centre 4 Innovation (MEDITECH 4.0)

Meditech – Mediterranean Competence Center 4 Innovation is the Competence Center that aims at the use of Industry 4.0 Enabling Technologies towards the diffusion of innovation practices in the production of goods and services on the national territory and in particular on the Mediterranean basin.

Anagrafe Nazionale delle Ricerche

Bio Check Up has registered in the personal data file of the National Research Registry obtaining the definitive code 000793_IMPR